New Pop Artist: Why Olivia Rodrigo won the hearts of music enthusiasts today

It’s not every day that pop stars come along. Still, each era has one that stands above the others, and these days, it’s the one and only — Olivia Rodrigo. Ever since her hit single Driver’s License came out, none of us can get enough of Olives. Her outstanding songwriting skills and appeal are so good that even Queen B and Rihanna are blushing.


If you’re as big of an Olivia fan as we are — there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be — we’ll be looking to bring you closer to her world. From some basic information about her background and early life to reasons why she’s so big today, we’ll cover everything. So, take a seat and hold tight as we go for a wild ride in the following few paragraphs.

Who Is Olivia Rodrigo?

Born in 2003 when Crazy in Love by Beyoncé came out, the new queen of pop, Olivia Rodrigo, has been in the entertainment industry for some time now. In 2015, she was in Old Navy’s commercial and the next year in a Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark. But that’s not all. Kids went bonkers for her after appearing in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.


Her background is multiethnic. Rodrigo’s parents are of Filipino-American and Irish-German descent, which is why she looks so beautiful. Yep! The good old mixture of genes from around the world we had not seen until 2020 when she actually set foot in the world of popular music with her hit single Driver’s License.

She Has Good Songwriting Skills

It’s common for music folks to disregard pop musicians, as they don’t write their own songs. Moreover, they don’t even consider them artists, as pop songs are usually a product of ghostwriters and studio musicians. But when it comes to Olivia Rodrigo, she writes many of her songs on her own or with her collaborator and producer, Dan Nigro.


Namely, Olivia is behind two of her big hits, enough for you and happier. Both titles start with lowercase letters because millennials think that’s somehow cool. Either way, both songs are quite something if you compare them to your run-of-the-mill pop songs. They have interesting structures and lyrics, which really show Olivia’s full musical potential.


As for her debut album, Sour, the former Disney star is behind all eleven tracks. Yep! Olivia gave input on every song on her latest release. But is this important for artists? Well, it is if you want to call them artists and not just performers. Unlike many others, she shapes her songs to her liking and identity, making them more original and worthy of admiration.

Her Songs Appeal to Everyone

Having amazing writing skills and a powerful voice would mean nothing if Olivia didn’t have the appeal she does. Just think about it — how many great cover artists do you know in your local bars and clubs who can sing whatever they want but simply don’t have that X factor? Olivia does, and that’s what makes her such a prominent figure on the pop charts.


In many ways, Rodrigo is following in the footsteps of Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift, which is quite something. Anyone can find themselves in her lyrics and music. Whether you are a tween, teen, or a divorced forty-something parent of two, you can find some inspiration in her work. And that’s what makes an artist truly great and, in her case, promising.

She’s Young and Has So Much Potential

Another reason why we praise Olivia so much is her age. She’s really young, and yet, she’s already one of the most popular artists of today. Of course, pop culture and the entertainment industry are harsh. It can take an artist down in no time and spit them out as Hollywood does. But with how Olivia goes about herself, we sincerely doubt any of that would happen to her. This is just the beginning.


So, where do we see Olivia in the next few years? Easy. We see her on top of all relevant pop charts with one hit single after another. Sure, this might sound like putting pressure on her, but that’s not what we’re looking to do. With all the talent she showed after her first release, there’s no doubt where her career is heading. After all, she’s already Music Week’s Artist of the Year for 2021.

The ‘Driver’s License’ Movement

Now, in 2022, the breakout single Driver’s License is one year old, and it’s probably the most important reason why people like Olivia Rodrigo so much. To make this anniversary special, Olivia posted a video of herself playing the demo of the song back when it was first written. This wasn’t just a cute moment, but it was also a way for her to show how much she cares about her fans. It was fun and, most importantly, touching.


The comment section on this post is still full of comments saying how much this song means to people. From words like amazing and awesome to phrases suggesting that she literally changed the landscape of pop music today, everyone was full of praise. In many ways, it seems like we’re witnessing a new Beatlemania. Only this time, it’s the Driver’s License Movement.

It’s safe to say that this new artist, Olivia Rodrigo, doesn’t come around very often. She’s a diamond in the music scene, and we should cherish her. Moreover, we should all be on our toes, expecting what she’s going to release next. Luckily, she’s young, and there’s plenty of time for her to repeat the success she made with the album Sour. In fact, nothing about Olivia seems sour. Instead, she seems like the sweetest person there is.

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